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HELLO COLOUR, inside this travel kit you will get to explore the world of colour and grow your colour mixing skills. That's right, now more brown paint!  

As you travel around the country you can read your little one a book about 3 dancing mice that accidentally develop their ability to create new colours, then you can create your own new colours with our primary coloured finger paint. Cool.

Wait a minute.......... where does colour even come from? Its form light, WOThat'sats right and you and your little one will be able to prove it using a prim to catch the light, split it apart and draw a real rainbow that you created. OMG, I wonder if different countries have the same or different light? 

The fun doesn't stop there, we're going to take you on a journey of exploring your feelings and emotions through colour. Our hand made colour ribbon (a favourite with kids) will have you using your imagination to express feeling and play a bunch of physical moving games. Perfect for those long road trips and the quick pit stops you make.

Lastly, let fine-tune the development of your fine-motor skills with a chopsticks game. This game can be done inside the box one a plain, so you don't lose your balls! 

Our POP OF COLOUR kit comes with;  

  • 1 x Book - Mouse Paint. An excellent children's book about dancing mice and mixing colours to get you in colour combining mood.
  • 4 play prompt cards filled with Jr STEM educational colour play ideas. The cards accompany the materials in the kit so you can jump straight into playing.   
  • 1 x Children's chopstick
  • Pom pom set. 
  • 3 x Primary Colour Finger Paints  - to practice colour mixing just like the little mice. Plus we recommend analysing your results. 
  • 1  x Handmade colour dance ribbon - to explore colourful expression and play some energetic colour games.
  • 1 x Anywhere in the world Colour hunt card
  • 1 x Colour play ideas sheet.