Mini playPROMPTS - Tuff

Mini playPROMPTS - Tuff

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Tuff Spot playPROMPTS
Quick and easy activity ideas to maximise tray based play


Tuff spots are all the rage in the land of early years learning - and you can see why: they provide the perfect canvas for all sorts of activities and engaging play! This mini tuff spot playPROMPTS pack contains 25 popular activities to appeal to curious little explorers and make the most of tray-based fun.


While these engaging play ideas are perfect for tuff spots, they’re NOT reserved for them. Each of these activities would work well in a large tray, baking tray or storage box too!


Guaranteed to keep little ones busy and earn you mega parent points for setting up such fun for them to explore.


  • Suitable for ages 1+
  • Pack of 25 activity cards presented in a plastic card box with hinged lid - perfect for easy storage.
  • Makes a wonderful birthday present, goody bag gift or stocking filler.