Here at Happy Explorers, we run two types of programs.

  • 8 Weeks Kinder Coders Programs
  • Jr STEM Professional Development Workshops

Our Kinder coders programs is one of a kind forward-thinking program. It teaches kids aged 4 - 6 the fundamentals of algorithms and logical thinking. We explain in detail what the difference between a computer and a robot is while guiding children's thinking towards creation. Each class contains a mixture of physical games, block programming experiences and literacy development. This program is suitable for Kindergartens and Libraries and runs 1 day a week over 8 weeks.

Our Jr STEM Professional Development Workshops are delivered over 7 hours. Either over two evenings or one day depending on your Kindergarten needs. There are four topics to learn including Human Body, Optics, Water and Computer Science. Our PD workshops are aimed at Kindergarten and Early Years Educator wanting to up-skill STEM knowledge.