Here at Happy Explorers, we run two types of programs.

  • 8 Weeks Kinder Coders Program
  • Jr STEM Professional Development Workshops

KINDER CODER - Kinder Coders is a one of a kind, forward-thinking coding program that teaches kids aged 3 - 6 the fundamentals of algorithms and logical thinking. During the 8 weeks, we explain in detail what the difference between a computer and a robot is, what makes an algorithm and what writing code is used for.
While we journey through the coding landsacpe we continuously guide children to think about coding as a creative process by providing STEM challenges and using and developing our social skills.

Each class contains a mixture of physical games, block programming experiences, literacy and mathematical development. This program is suitable for Kindergartens Classes, Prep Classes, Local Libraries, and Local City Council programs and events.  It runs 1 day a week over an 8-week period. 

STEM PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Happy Explorers partners with Little Scientists to provide Jr STEM Professional Development Workshops in and around Melbourne. We have four different STEM topics to deliver in one-day Workshops or two-evening workshops. These workshops are aimed at Kindergarten teachers, early years Educators, Librarians and Prep Teachers wanting to upskill in STEM knowledge and bring it into their facilities.

Our STEM Workshop topic are:

  • Human Body
  • Optics
  • Water
  • Computer Science