Jr STEM Kits - Optics Explorer

Jr STEM Kits - Optics Explorer

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Jr STEAM optics kits take you and your kinder kids on a journey into colour and light. So many questions to be asked. Like how do plants get their colour? How do we see colours? How do colours make us feel? Where does light come from? What is it made of? 

This kits will make you catch rainbows, have conversations about light energy, create colour mixing studies, practice comparing results, and take you on a journey of exploring your feelings and emotions through colour and dance. You will have the time of your lives practising fine motor skills and pre-math skills and go on colour hunts together in play. All while not having to spend time organising an activity or make sure you have materials handy. 

STEM is an everyday experience. By playing and discovering with your children you open up the possibilities of the world to them. Happy Exploring.   

The Optics kit includes;

  • 4 play prompt cards filled with Jr STEM educational colour play ideas. The cards accompany the materials in the kit so you can jump straight into playing.   
  • 1 x Book - Optics for Babies. OMG Refresher book for adults which the kids will love to share their rainbow knowledge with you. 
  • 1 x Book - Mouse Paint. An excellent children's book about dancing mice and mixing colours to get you in the colour mixing mood.
  • 3 x Primary Colour Finger Paints  - to practice colour mixing just like the little mice. Plus we recommend analysing your results. 
  • 1 x Glass Prism  - to create, find and capture rainbows.
  • 1  x colour dance ribbon - to explore colourful expression and play some energetic colour games.
  • 1 x colour hunt card
  • 1 x Colour play ideas sheet. 

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