Mums Who Inspire - Introducing Heidi Milu from @the_harmony_tree!

As a part or our Mums Who Inspire Series we are introducing you to Heidi Milu. Heidi is a Mum of two little ones under 3. She creates amazing art pieces daily with the help of her children which you can view on Instagram @the_harmony_tree. Heidi has been kind enough to share her passion for being creative with her kids in this blog. A second blog with some amazing tips and ideas will be coming soon! 

From Heidi -

Children are naturally curious little beings, have you noticed how right from the moment they bless us with their adorable little presence, they are looking, stretching, snuggling and using their senses to familiarise them selves with the new world around them? It really is incredible to watch. Fast forward four or so months and they are BUSY exploring and discovering their world in a playful way.


As they grow and develop it is especially important to foster their creativity and imagination right from the very start by letting our babes express their senses and feelings through artful play.  I have been encouraging my boys since they were able to engage in the most simple of sensory and art activities. Not only has it been a way for me to help them learn and grow, but it has been incredibly important for me as a mother to remain connected. Artful play is the main focus on our days, we explore different prepared art and sensory play most days, and on the other days we are out exploring the world around us, through nature play or process art activities.

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My eldest son is now two and a half and I have noticed that art fosters his creativity and imagination in a way that encourages him to be himself. Our activities have  helped him express how he sees the world and his place in it. We use art not only to connect and bond together but as a way for him to express his feelings that he isn’t quite capable of verbalising just yet.

Through creative art, I have been able to teach him mindfulness and self expression and it has also be a incredibly valuable tool to raise his self esteem and confidence.

Our routine has changed as they have changed depending on their needs and developmental stage. I have always followed their cues and allowed them to participate as little or as much as they please. The idea is to have fun, and connect with your little one. Not every piece is going to rival Picasso -- it is the process not the product that counts! In the very early days every painting my son made was so well smushed in, all the colours combined to make a brown smudge, he would rip the paper by over painting... but he was so PROUD and so was I. He was creating, participating and expressing his little self.  After he turned two we started little mummy and me projects, it was hit and miss at times but eventually he was inspired and now is imputing direction and ideas of his own. And nothing makes me happier than seeing how his little mind ticks.

It is never to early or to late to encourage creativity in your home. You don’t have to engage in massive projects, Inspiration is all around you. You can start with a pots and pans band for baby or home made finger paint or play dough, it is the process and the time spent together that makes artful and sensory play so special.

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