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Make Your Own Adding Machine.

Today team H is adding numbers together using a little DIY project we call ’calculo’. It's a calculator, actually more an adding device, and it's lots of fun. Here a little video of what you can expect with a box, plastic cups and some pom poms. 


Now let's make this little beauty so you can play number adding games in your Kindergarten and backyard. 


    1. Find a box
    2. Grab 2 plastic cups. Draw two circles of the top of the box using the bottoms of the cups.
    3. Cut the circles out from the box. 


    box and cups for DIY maths games  box with holes cut out

    4. Cut the bottoms of the out form the Cups and keep them for later to pop them into the holes you created.
    5. Cut a rectangle slit towards the bottom of the box on the front side. See photo below.
    6. Using an old cereal box cut a piece of cardboard that can slide through the slot and up behind the cup holes. Make sure it is long enough to curve inside the box and come out of the front so the balls can go down the slide.
    7. We added an optional extra to at the front of the calculator, so the balls to fall into. You can do this by making a tray from the rest of the cereal box and sitting your 'calculo' in.

       box with rectangle cut out in it DIY kids activity Paper calculator

      I'd love to know what you think about this little project so comment below. If you want to connect to a tribe of early years educators the share you adding machines with us on Instagram and tag @happy_explorers

      Happy Exploring.  


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