What we're about.

We help Early Year's Educators, and passionate Parents become awe-inspiring role models through STEM play.

Everyone has a mission and mine is to help you make STEM an everyday experience so you can increase your PLAY and DISCOVERY superpowers.

Based in Melbourne the Happy Explorers team provide:

A super Innovative and one of a kind - Kinder CODING PROGRAM

Fantastic fun filled day of STEM growth with the -  Little Scientists Personal Development WORKSHOPS.

Take your STEM everywhere with our - Jr STEM role-play activity KITS.

Supporting Kindergartens and Childcare centres in sharing STEM ideas on our -  JR STEM Share Instagram page.

Providing Grownup Fun in our - Free Community STEM LABS.

If your a STEM fan and want to get involved we would love to hear from you, so get in contact. 

Upcoming event



8 x 45-minute FREE Kinder Coders Classes starting at the Southbank Library 9/5/19.  Spaces are limited. 




Fun Community event for Parents and early years Educators interested in early years STEM. We're looking for the next early STEM educator to be a guest speaker at our next STEM LAB. If you're a keen Educator, we would love to hear from you. 




Explore Water with all your senses, investigate the different aggregate states and test the solubility of various substances. Discover how to create a nurturing learning environment through STEM inquiry with reflection on your current practice.



Please count me in for the next STEM LAB!  I really enjoyed the last one and found it valuable being able to share and discuss ideas with other educators.

Marianne Gardener

My children have both loved their Shapes and Colour travel buddy. The activities are bright, engaging and fun and my children have continued to do different activities from the boxes each day! 
I am very impressed with the quality and attention to detail that has gone into creating each box. Also, love the information card included in each box. 
Thank you Happy Explorers we look forward to placing our next order!!

Michelle Johnston

I was so impressed with the quality of our Happy Explorers box. The box was really well thought out and both kids had a fun time with the suggested activities. Not only that, but it was also a great opportunity to spend quality time with the kids. I'd also recommend it for road trips and rainy day activities since everything you need is included.

Sian Thomas

I recently had the pleasure of exploring a feelings box with my happy explorer. I can not rave enough about how well put together these boxes are and how much we got out of it. My son is two and a half and the activities worked as a tool to help bridge the gap in our communication. I am in awe at how well he responded to these activities. I certainly recommend this product to all families.

Heidi Milu